When to cut the marijuana ?

When to cut the marijuana ?

You have to recognize a few signs to know when to cut the marijuana, which will tell us when our plants are ready. There are many sayings and legends, that make many of the growers cut their plants too early, especially those that say they cut them early so that they don’t get over it, or because the hairs are brown. I was one of them, until one day, the harvest came to me until the next day and I didn’t hurry to cut them, and I said I give up, let them come over if they want to. And since I waited until the plant couldn’t take it anymore, I know what good harvests are.


Hard and tight buds, full of resin to the brim, incredible smell and above all, it doesn’t stick to you once it’s dried! What a surprise! Before, I didn’t weigh more than 50 grams in a 250 gram bulb and I got 150! The brown hairs are a sign, but when it is not that they have rusted for something else! as for the night dew, for having sprayed it with something. When the marijuana is done, it is practically falling the few brown hairs that it has left. If when you go to smoke your bud, you see it full of brown hairs, say, I cut it too soon.

When to cut the marijuana ?

Also a good sign is to see that it does not throw more new white hairs, you can see that the plant, can not give more of himself. You also see that it barely throws away any white hairs, not 50%, but you don’t see any more, but you don’t have to see them with the naked eye, all you should be seeing are chalices full of resin, with one of the two brown hairs because the other one has already fallen, practically bald.


If your plant looks like this, no matter how many brown hairs it has, it still has a lot left, like 20 days or a month. As you can see in the photo, the plants that are not yet made look young, and few last as well until the end of flowering, normally, the plant itself tends to yellow, falling leaves, finally is not as perfect as the photo. More or less it has to look like this in the time of when you cut marijuana, it does not throw new white hairs, it is true that the hairs are brown, but not 50 or 75% but all. Some very xative varieties do not reach this level, and it seems that they are never made, so when genetic plants of this type, you have to know that the only way you will know when your plants are ready will be with the microscope.


What do you do when it’s completely round?

When that ball is completely round, it’s still too early to cut. You have to wait until it looks more like an overgrown ball, which has hatched an egg, so deformed. This indicates that there is no more room for cannabinoids inside it, and if we do not cut it now, they will explode in a little. When we cut plants whose trichome glands have been mostly exploded, we say that the plant has gone too far, but with the desire that we all have to cut them always, it will hardly happen to you.


What I do recommend, gentlemen growers, is that if you do not have the tools to see it, do not be guided by the brown hairs when there are a lot of hairs, only when it is going bald, or in short, when you think that it is ready to be cut, wait two more weeks and even if the Bank puts 60 days of flora leave it 75 and you will not regret it, I assure you. In this way you will also discover what a real harvest is, and not what we got out of it the previous time by cutting the happy brown hairs, or the date it says on the package.

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