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Today cannabis growers have several tricks up their sleeves that once could not even dream of, one of these are the apps that help grow, giving advice, making it easier to monitor the growth of the plant and clearly and effectively marking the cultivation calendar. In this article we tell you the pros and cons of the best apps for cannabis growers, so you can choose for yourself whether to use them to grow your marijuana.

Apps now invade our lives and we can no longer live without using them, they are very useful for doing a lot of things and make our day easier by helping us, practically everything. Obviously, those who grow cannabis for profession or for passion but for a long time have combined instinct and a hawk’s eye to evaluate what should be done with plants moment by moment. But those who are now approaching the world of growers or otherwise want to take a step further to guarantee good harvests may need technological help, in this case relying on an app created by professionals may not be a bad idea.

We have tried some of them and we must admit that they have the ability to give excellent standard guidelines even if of course we believe that growers, a bit like a good farmer, must observe their creatures in order to also follow their heart and inspiration. of the moment, especially in the face of a surplus of technologies. But you don’t have to think that these apps are there to tell you what to do, many work as a customizable diary of which you will be able to set the main parameters while others will help you by getting in touch with other growers or, by affixing specific sensors, to manage in an automated way the various technologies applied to indoor cannabis cultivation.

Here are some well-known names in the world of cannabis apps that we recommend you evaluate.

ATTENTION: growing cannabis in Italy is illegal, use this guide only if you are in countries where it is possible to do so.


The name itself says it, this system is a great friend of growers, in fact it was created by a group of passionate cannabis growers who have decided to make it easier for everyone to grow marijuana. How does it do it? It makes available a very practical cultivation diary to use and with well-marked work phases, it connects the fans of this niche through a very popular forum and allows access to a rich platform for the purchase of material and tools for growers the Grower’s Marketplace). The beauty is that it is not only a useful tool for beginners but also gives the possibility to help in the daily management of a good number of plants, since above all the diary is really well done and widely customizable. Even at the level of privacy it is a secure application that helps to stay in contact with other growers by creating a dense network of data and opinions exchange that was missing in this world until recently. GrowBuddy grows fast and has decided to renew itself, if at the moment it is not available for iOS and Android users it is only because the new updated version (which will be called GrowBuddy 2.0) is around the corner, full of exciting promises.

Grow Journal

You will have understood that one of the essential functions of the apps for growers is to offer a highly customizable grow diary. Here is Grow Journal, the application created by Life Plus Studios, is definitely designed to simplify the life of those who take care of a couple of plants as well as those who have a large-scale cultivation. Basically it works by providing a series of alerts and reminders to the grower, the ability to create personalized post-its and reminders is very useful for those who are forgetful or who have plants of different types to manage at each harvest. It is also very important that the various calendars can be archived and then consulted at future times and make it possible to simply compare the various vintages. Overall the app is among the simplest to use as a diary, but perhaps it has a somewhat limited number of possibilities and tools. Certainly, however, it is a very very convenient basic tool and can be useful as a historical memory of the grower.

EZ Grow

EZGro Inc. has created another convenient virtual agenda for the cannabis grower that helps to control the growth phases, record all the activities done and those planned for the future, as well as monitor very important values ​​such as humidity, CO₂, pH and ppm in a timely manner.. The really useful plus is its nutrient calculator which makes it easier to follow and meet the plant’s nutritional needs step by step. Also very interesting is the possibility of adding visual testimonies that testify the various changes and the various phases of growth of the plants for a really careful monitoring and a comparison always available for the following years. The most innovative part compared to other cultivation journals is the one dedicated to the prevention and treatment of parasites.


If you are a fan of the most technological cultivation techniques and want to make the most of the most advanced plants for the cultivation of your cannabis, then a specific control tool such as the one offered by Growtronix could be useful, which will allow you to manage the fundamental parameters of your systems from cell phone or computer. The app is definitely not very useful for those who cultivate outdoors in a canonical way but it becomes a real treasure for those who do it at home with the most advanced systems and want to obtain a fully automated circuit to save time and be very effective. By positioning sensors and controllers you will have the possibility to intervene remotely and with a couple of clicks modify essential parameters such as light, humidity, temperature, ph levels, air flows. In addition, you can also monitor the energy used to grow your plants, having at hand a daily diary of all the interventions made and those planned. We must point out that this is an expensive system and quite complex to set up, therefore suitable for experienced growers and those who work on a large scale (or as I lie that they have a real obsession for cannabis and hitech tools and are looking for a little gem to combine the two.).

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