How to make a quick and easy homemade bong step by step

How to make a quick and easy homemade bong step by step

Have you ever been stuck without a pipe or papers? If you have cannabis and a lighter, but no way to smoke it, you should try the art of creating a homemade bowl from an apple. The apple pipe is a simple solution and a better, more natural alternative to using an aluminum can or other makeshift device.

There are infinite ways to create functional pipes from any variety of fruits and vegetables. To help you survive the next time you’re in trouble (or if you just like MacGyver’s paraphernalia), here are five quick steps to turn an apple into a smoking pipe.


Step 1

You should avoid adding any products of dairy origin to the base. Adding dairy products will give you an extremely unpleasant odor, mold, a lot of foam in the main vase and rapid deterioration of the hoses.

Partially fill the main vase with ice and water. Place a substantial amount of water so that the stem is immersed about an inch or two into the container. You should leave only a small amount of space in the main vase so that it will not create bubbles inside the hose.


Step 2

Place the tray that will hold the coals in the bong. You must place them before you have positioned the bowl, as it is very likely that the bowls will not fit properly on the tray.

Attach your buttonhole. The buttonhole is a kind of seal that will accomplish the task of attaching the stem to the main vase. The vast majority of hookahs include a seal made of plastic or rubber. Silicone is an excellent material for making a seal, although you can also choose to just seal the main vase to its stem with a duct tape.

How to make a quick and easy homemade bong step by step

Step 3

Assemble on shorter hose end to hose port. If your bong contains two ports and you only need one, then you may choose to purchase a rubber or silicone seal to seal off the other port.

Combine the tobacco evenly so that it is finally covered with flavours and molasses. Fill the tobacco and place it inside the container. Leave one to two millimeters of distance between the top section of the bowl and the tobacco so that the shisha does not affect the aluminum foil when you place it.

Get a quality shisha. Depending on the quality of the shisha, the taste and experience will emerge. You can also combine shisha and its flavors with molasses to get a very attractive and pleasant taste in the smoke. Buy only portions of less than fifty grams of shisha so you can get to taste it without having to spend too much money on it.

You can even cut tobacco leaves with the help of simple scissors in order to wrap them and place them easily inside the bowl. However, you should not cut them too much or they will fall through the cracks and could clog up and damage the main bowl.


Step 4

Place heavy-duty aluminum foil over the top section of your container. This aluminum foil should be two inches or five centimeters in size so that it can serve as an airtight seal around the bowl. Keep this sheet very tight so that any wrinkles that may form will not distort the heat distribution, then double it and so on.

By the time you have finished, your bowl, which will be covered with the foil, should look like the top of a drum.


Step 5

Make between fifteen and twenty cracks in the sheet with the help of a chopstick, a very fine tipped pen or some pins. You must be very careful not to damage the aluminium sheet, as if this happens you will have to repeat the process again.

Light your coals. You will hold the embers with the help of kitchen tongs and light one of the corners with a lighter or it could also be with a match. Because sparks are eventually generated, you will need to get out or position yourself near a window in your house or wherever you are.


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