Homemade Bong: 3 Ideas to make a bong with items you have at home!

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If you don’t like smoking in silk so much and want something less harmful to your throat when smoking marijuana, bet on a homemade bong, easy to prepare at home and ideal for those who want to test new ways to consume the herb. Can you buy one? Yes, but a homemade bong can be the solution for those who can’t afford it now.

We separated the 3 main ways to make a homemade bong, in the DIY style (Do It Yourself – Do It Yourself) with cheap and easy to find items at home. Let’s check it out?

Before we go to the tutorials, it is ideal that you understand how a bong works. This way it will be easier to reproduce the way to create a bong regardless of the items at your disposal.

What is essential to making homemade bong?

Every homemade bong must have three items:

  • A hole with a tube and coupled gourd, where the herb will be inserted and burned;
  • An exit to pull the smoke;
  • A sigh hole, which is a hole in the bong used exclusively to be plugged while you pull the smoke.

There, these factors are essential for the functioning of the DIY bong. As long as your bong has all of these features, it is allowed to adapt the materials used according to the items you have at home.

So you are not limited to just smoking or eating marijuana, but you can test and choose the best way to consume your cannabis.

Knowing this, you can already adapt what you have at your disposal to create a homemade bong. Let’s see how it is done?

Homemade bong with pet bottle

One of the cheapest ways to make a homemade bong is using a pet bottle, water pen and foil.

Before step by step, it is worth noting that this homemade bong is not suitable for daily use.

The plastic bottle releases toxic substances when it comes in contact with the heat of the smoke from the marijuana. Not to mention that if you grow cannabis at home, it is possible that plastic will alter the unique flavors and aromas of the cultivated herb.

Therefore, use homemade pet bottle bong only as a branch breaker. Do not use this bong daily.

Now let’s prepare your bong:


    1. Choose a pet bottle – the ideal size is from 500ml;
    2. Make a hole 5 cm from the base of the bottle;
    3. Attention: the smaller the hole, the better your bong will be. Caprice!
    4. Insert a tube diagonally down into the hole you just made (it can be a steel straw, a pen without the ink tube, etc.);
    5. Make sure the hole with the pen is airtight. If there is a hole escaping air, close it with gum, durepox or other available mass;
    6. Wrap an aluminum foil around the tip of the pen and make a gourd out of it – this is where you will put the herb;
    7. Make another hole in the bottle, this time, opposite the pen hole – this will be the clearing hole;
    8. Fill the bong with water until the pen tube is at least 3 cm submerged in the liquid. Do not add too much water in addition, as this can end up watering your herb.
    9. Ready! Your homemade bong can now be used. Now you just need to put your smoke in the aluminum bowl, raise it, cover the obstruction hole with your finger and pull the smoke out slowly.

While pulling smoke, keep your finger in the obstruction hole. As soon as the bottle fills with smoke, take your finger off to swallow.

Going to bong for the first time? Enjoy and check out our tips to avoid a bad marijuana trip. After all, the bong trip is usually more intense than the joint.

How to make homemade bong with glass bottle

Another way to make homemade bong is by using a glass bottle, which is safer for health than the pet bottle bong.

However, in this case the tutorial can be a little more complicated due to the need to drill the bottle with a drill.

Follow the steps below to make your handmade bong:

  1. Choose a glass bottle from 600ml to use bong;
  2. Place your bottle under a tap with running water;
  3. Use a drill with a diamond drill to make a hole 5 cm from the base of the bottle;
  4. Attention: This process takes time, so do not turn off the tap until you finish drilling – without water, the bottle can burst.
  5. After drilling the first hole, drill the “sigh hole” in the same way as the previous one. Drill the second hole closer to the mouth of the bottle and not so close to the base;
  6. In the hole closest to the base, insert a tube (stainless steel straw, pen or other rod);
  7. At the end of the tube, insert a gourd for the herb – you can buy gourds at tool stores or make your own with anything that is properly shaped, like a coaxial connector;
  8. If any puncture has gotten bigger than you imagined or if spaces are leaking, fill in cracks with durepoxi.

And your glass bong is ready! The advantage of this homemade model is that the glass does not release chemical components toxic to health.

In addition, if your idea is to reduce damage or vary the way you consume your cannabis, also bet on an herbal vaporizer.

Therefore, your homemade glass bong can be used for a long time, take the opportunity to leave it to your face!

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