Changes in the genetics of the exterior and interior autoflowering seeds.

Changes in the genetics of the exterior and interior autoflowering seeds.

Firstly, due to their genetics, they have the ability to bloom without the need to cycle light and even without having to eliminate males.  These are seeds that come from the mixture of two varieties of cannabis, Ruderalis with Sativa or Indica.

 Another advantage that autoflowering marijuana has indoors or outdoors is that it is a mode with a small size.  You can have your plantation with a height that will hardly exceed 85 cm. This makes their harvest period much shorter, to such an extent that it is cut more or less in half compared to normal plants.

 The only thing is that this type of seed needs a good amount of light, and if it can be from outside much better, not many days but the necessary days yes a good amount.  If you have that under control, they are easy plants to grow and with good production of large, resinous buds.

 There are many varieties of this type of seed, and at Eurogrow we have many different types of exterior and interior, each with its own characteristics.  Do you want to meet them?

 Today we will talk about some of the most famous and most in charge.

 Varieties autoflowering marijuana seeds

 As we have previously said, at Eurogrow we have many car banks, we are going to mention some of the best known and the ones that we like the most and we will point out the most outstanding seeds.

Changes in the genetics of the exterior and interior autoflowering seeds.

 1) From Advanced Seeds bank we highlight the following:

 Auto somango: delicious smell and a delicate flavor of tropical fruits.  This type of autoflowering seed manages to generate branches with good production of dense buds and with great strength.  The flowering period is two months after germinating. As for its effect, we can say that it is euphoria.

 Auto Skunk Mass: this type of autoflowering seed modality generates buds with a lot of resin, fruit aroma and sweet aftertaste.  They are ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

 Auto Skunk 47: combination of Auto Critical Mass and Auto kaya 47 seeds becomes a very interesting seed since it is autoflowering but also feminized.

 Auto Jack Herer: it has the characteristic to produce a greater quantity of resinous buds than its companions, in addition to leaving an intense flavor reminiscent of a mixture between woods and spices.  see more

 Auto Nyc Diesel: genetic creation of the New York City Diesel seed in its autoflowering version, which makes it one of the best seeds on the market.  Great citrus aroma with hints of Mediterranean grapes.We recommend these two from the Buddha Seeds bank:

 Magnum Auto: with very high production, about 200g per copy outdoors and 500g per m2 indoors.  They are also very resistant to pests and extreme weather conditions. That is why it is a favorite among cannabis growers.  In about 90 days it will be ready to cut.

 Deimos auto: another variety with a lot of production, almost 200g per plant outdoors and about 400g per square meter indoors.  This marijuana seed stands out for its intense flavor and its buds full of resin that will give an immediate high.

 From Dinafem bank we will mention the following:

 Amnesia XXL Self-monitoring popular with growers with very good results.  Identical to the feminized Amnesia but in an auto and improved version, with more size.  It has a very powerful effect, like pure Sativa that is.

 Moby Dick XXL auto is: a big version of the Moby Dick fem.  Prepare yourself for some resinous buds in a short period of time, about 80 days maximum.  In addition to good production, from 100 to 200g per copy and a very intense flavor.

 White Widow XXL automatic: auto seed with a very relaxing effect and a short bloom.  About 80 days. We will get a more than acceptable harvest, about 170g per seedling outdoors and about 300 or 400g per m2 indoors.

 From Sweet Seeds bank we name the one with the most demand:

 Big Devil XL auto reviews from all novice and professional growers, all very good.  The Big Devil Autoflowering is a very productive variety that will take you 3 months, of the cars that take the longest, but it will be worth it.  An indica of medium height but thick and compact.

 From the Sensi Seeds bank we highlight one of the fastest, in case you are a heavy smoker and cannot wait:

 Skunk 1 exterior car can be cut in just 2 months.  Although it does not have a great production, its buds are of great quality, full of abundant resin for a powerful effect.  What more can you ask for in a car that fast?

 If you are looking for good results in your production, you can go for Feminized Seeds.

 On the other hand, we have CBD Seeds with their relaxing and calming effect for people with health problems.

 And if you are undecided you can be guided by the experience of the most veteran with Regular Seeds.

 2) Cheap bulk autoflowering seeds

 We recommend them for being already stabilized varieties with a high germination rate, great results recognized by our customers and also at a single price, € 1.80, which will save you several euros as opposed to buying them in original packaging.If you want to consult all our species of cheap seeds do not hesitate to enter our website.  Remember that at Eurogrow we are experts in cultivation, planting and all the necessary material to be able to have your marijuana plants at home with the best performance. Enter and find out everything.

 3) The cultivation of autoflowering marijuana

 The cultivation of autoflowering marijuana has been a boom in recent times.  More and more people are attracted by its multiple advantages, such as ease of cultivation or speed of development.  But at the same time, these types of plants are not yet known by many people, so, before delving into the topic of their cultivation, let’s see what exactly are their characteristics?

 Marijuana plants of medium size but wide, with compact and robust buds.

 Cars bloom from the moment they start to grow, without going through the growth stage.

 Regardless of the hours of light they receive, they flourish, that is, they do not need 12-hour or 18-hour photo-periods of light as feminized ones.

 Since they are ready to cut long before feminized seeds, it is much more difficult for any pest to affect them, fungi or insects do not have time to mate and proliferate and develop.

 They are more resistant than feminized marijuana and withstand the cold well.

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