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In recent years we have all heard a lot about auto-flowering marijuana seeds, and they have become an easy, discreet and productive way to grow cannabis. They are a great advantage for both novice growers with no experience in plant care and experienced growers looking for a quick and discreet harvest. For novices it is certainly the best option because it is very complicated to present problems of pests or nutrient deficiencies due to its short cycle.


Years ago there was a large sector of the consumer population that was not very in favor of this type of seed because the yields and final production was low and the marijuana had a lot of leaf and little bud with low levels of THC. But the truth is that this has changed and much, today we can find autoflowering plants of equal size and quality even in some cases higher than the feminized versions of the season.


Thanks to the deepening in the study of the production of this type of seeds, magnificent results have been obtained that have nothing to do with those first phenotypes of autoflowering that very few were happy with. With the new generation of cars we will get first quality plants in a very short period of time.


These autoflowering plants behave very well indoors, under a powerful lighting are formed completely after only 10 weeks since the germination, giving us abundant crops in a short time. Outdoors they also give a lot of play, since in temperate zones or warm weather will allow us to make between 2 and 3 crops each summer.


The auto plants in the interior culture will offer us their best yields if we give them 18 hours of daily light, managing this way to extract the maximum that this type of seed can offer us. Outdoors they will give us the best of themselves if we plant them in warm climates as these plants like warmth very much, and in large pots (at least 20 L) that we prepare ourselves with a good soil and mix with worm humus and guano. The more hours of light, the better the harvest, requiring a minimum of 4 hours of direct sun per day to offer acceptable results.


The most important characteristic of these seeds and that differentiates them from the feminized ones, is their capacity of autoflowering, which means that they are not photodependent plants.  Normally the plants start the flowering phase when they perceive the change of daily light hours, however in the auto plants this is not the case. They start the flowering phase when they reach a certain age of maturity (usually after 5 to 7 weeks of growth) regardless of the daily light hours they perceive.


More resistant to pests

Another feature of great importance to the crop is that we will hardly be affected by the odious pests. Having such a short period of growth and flowering will hardly give insects time to attack the plants, let alone reproduce to form a pest. Also, auto plants produce a much smaller amount of terpenes, which is a substance that attracts insects.

These seeds are produced from crosses between Cannabis Sativa plants and Cannabis Ruderalis plants (they provide the auto-flowering ability).

Cannabis Ruderalis plants are short, usually between 30cm and 80cm in height, producing very low amounts of THC and high amounts of CBD, but with a very wide aromatic range.

It did not take long for seed producers to realize this magical ability and to reap the benefits of it. This is why crosses are made between this variety of cannabis and Cannabis Sativa, thus achieving the autoflowering capacity of Ruderalis and the psychoactive and organoleptic characteristics of Cannabis Sativa plants.

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