Buy feminized cannabis seed strain packs

Buy feminized cannabis seed strain packs

Buy packages of feminized cannabis seed varieties

Buying marijana seeds on a large scale need not be a daunting task. We will send you all the seeds you need and do so discreetly. It really takes confidence to be able to buy a cannabis seed online. We recommend that you take a look at our Instagramy and read the many comments from our satisfied customers. Also see the many photos we republished of our customers who bought seeds from our seed bank and shared cultured images. We are often re-publishing blooming photos of our sold marijuana seeds.


  1. Cheap feminized OG Kush marijuana seed.

It is a medium sized, compact variety that will develop very vigorously during its vegetative phase. It shows a well-branched structure and hedge-shaped, so it is perfect for obtaining a mother plant. It is a perfect choice for amateur growers because of its simplicity and speed of cultivation, but it is also one of the most chosen by the most experienced growers.

OG Kush during its flowering stage its branches will be covered by good tails of buds with a lime green shade and very very resinous. This will be achieved in a relatively short time (60 days). A real treat for the eye.

Both the aroma and taste of this feminized OG Kush is characteristic of the Kush varieties. A very fresh mixture of lemon and gasoline notes that will completely impregnate your taste buds.

This variety of American origin is not suitable for all consumers due to its powerful physical and mental effect. It is a perfect variety to eliminate stress at the end of a long day and be totally relaxed on the sofa.

 Characteristics OG Kush Feminized:

Characteristics OG Kush Feminized:

  • Genetics: Triangle Kush x Og Kush
  • Predominance: indica 75% – sativa 25%.
  • Internal production: 450-500gr/m2.
  • Outdoor production: 600-900gr/plant
  • Flowering: 60-65 days.


  1. Toxic of Ripper Seeds is an ideal plant for outdoor crops in wet areas and noble growers.

he flavours and aromas it has range from citrus related with touches of Haze to fruity sweets with an incensed final note. This, plus a powerful and lasting effect, not so much on a physical level but on a cerebral level, will be ideal for us to disconnect since we will feel an effect of physical and corporal relaxation ideal to disconnect.

You can buy this variety in two different formats:

  • Ripper Seeds Toxic 1ud.
  • Toxic 5ud from Ripper Seeds.


Toxic de Ripper Seeds stands out for its potential to produce a lot of flowers, in indoor crops it will produce around 550-600gr/m2 if the growing conditions are optimal. It will grow with desire and strength, so it is recommended to control its growth by making some kind of pruning or cultivation technique. Outdoors is perfect, because with its high resistance to fungi and pests will be helping us a lot in the crop. If it is cultivated in soil or mother soil where the root can look for the nutrient by itself and expand without any problem, it will grow over 2 meters and will produce over 1 kg of dry flower.

Awards won by Toxic from Ripper Seeds:

  • 1st prize Spannabis Champions Cup 2013, hydro category
  • Ripper Seeds’ Toxic Characteristics
  • Genetics: 60% Sativa 40% Indica
  • Crossover: Criminal + Ripper Haze
  • Domestic Production: 600gr/m2
  • Production abroad: 1kg/plant
  • Indoor harvest: 9 weeks
  • Harvest outdoor: Mid-October
  • THC: High

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