Auto-flowering marijuana seeds

Auto-flowering marijuana seeds

Marijuana seeds are photodependent, they will grow depending on the light cycles given to them. Although auto-flowering seeds automatically flower at 3-6 weeks from germination.

These types of auto-flowering seeds offer great advantages over regular or common feminized seeds. You will also know them by automatic or auto seeds.

Because of the speed advantages of this type of auto-flowering seeds, large seed producers have been developing their own auto-flowering seed banks for years. They develop the variants of different seeds thanks to the cross between the Ruderalis plant – which shortens the flowering times – and other strains.

As a result, very varied crosses of plants with different psychotropic levels and taste will be obtained.

The autoflowering cheap cannabis seeds usa are very helpful for fast crops and ensure a good production. They are good for planting indoors or outdoors, as they are not too demanding in terms of sun exposure.

Although their plants are somewhat smaller than other seeds, they measure between 50 and 85 cm, depending on the strain.

Among its other advantages is that it is not as sensitive to stress as others. We could say that auto-flowering marijuana seeds are all-rounders.

These reasons make the supply of auto cannabis seeds so wide and varied by both renowned banks and smaller ones.

If you are looking to save time, obtain quality crops, and high trichome content, as well as an easy to carry crop, the best choice will be auto-flowering seeds because of their indisputable advantages.

Sale of autoflowering seeds of all genetics

Sale of autoflowering seeds of all genetics

The origin of autoflowering seeds goes back to lands with colder climates and less exposure to the sun.

The Rudelaris variety is noted for its adaptation to the environment in Russian and colder Siberian climates. Besides that its resistance to pests is also much higher. These plants continued to flower but had low levels of THC, so that the psychotropic power was lost when their buds were consumed.

The banks wanted to take advantage of this variety of marijuana, improving in turn that could increase the levels of THC. They began a series of trials and errors in the 1970’s until more stable strains were achieved in terms of THC levels and resistance to what they called auto-flowering seeds.

This dynamic has also been adapted in the seed banks, which want to offer the greatest genetic variety of these seeds generating crosses with Indica and Sativa to expand the market to all tastes of farmers and consumers.

Some of them got a lot of fame as Green House Seeds Auto, Sensi Seeds Auto, Sweet Seeds Auto and Joints Doctor High Bred Auto.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds for all crops

Whether indoor or outdoor, auto-flowering marijuana seeds are suitable for all types of crops. You simply have to consider under what conditions you can plant them and how you should store them.

If you plant indoors, you’ll need to give each plant its own space. Just make sure they have space between them to grow naturally without a lack of light or oxygen. A maximum of 12 per square metre is recommended. Especially if you are a newcomer and do not know how the variety of auto seeds you have bought grow.

Automatic outdoor seeds produce more manageable plants and the good thing is that for their size they are certainly discreet. Their care is less specific but you should be aware of changes in climate, especially if the rain can drown.

We assure you that with the autoflowering seeds are a safe bet with which you will achieve a good harvest in 2-3 months. In Semillas Baratas you will be able to buy an endless number of variants from recognized banks that will give you excellent results.

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